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1. Who can apply? 

  • Each team or startup must have at least one founding member or founder, and a maximum of 3 members

  • High school students from grade 10 to grade 12 from any high school. The competitions are based in Vietnam but we're open for teams to join from overseas. 

2. What are the judging criteria?

INVESTABILITY. Teams will be evaluated based on the following:

  • Innovativeness

  • Commercial Feasibility

  • Impact of Idea

  • Capability to Execute

3. Cost to participate

  • There is no cost to participate

4. What is the process to register? 

  • Step 1 - Register your interest in the form on this landing page for yourself and your co-founder(s)

  • Step 2 - Receive notification from Little Wallet to download Little Wallet app 

  • Step 3 - Create a Little Wallet app account

  • Step 4 - Study all mandatory entrepreneurship content which opens from Aug 8.

  • Step 5 - Submit startup idea as an individual or a team through Little App. Registration opens Sept 1st, closes on Sept 30th.

  • Step 6 - Interview round: Interview announcement by Oct 6. Online/offline interview from Oct 12-15. Final round announcement by Oct 16.

  • Step 7 - Bootcamp: 1 full-day bootcamp to learn about how to start a new venture and practice for pitch day. HCMC Oct 21, HN Oct 28.  

  • Step 8 - Pitch day: pitch to a board of judges. HCMC Oct 22, HN Oct 29.

5. Can I change team after submission?

  • Yes, you may. In order for you to do so, you will need to withdraw your submission and re-register your new team and submit your proposal again before the submission deadline, which is on Sept 1, 2023.

  • Please note that each individual member may be a part of only one team. In the event members are part of more than one team, all such teams will be disqualified.

6. What is the language used for the competition?

English is the main language used for the entire competition. However, we're open to Vietnamese in case some teams from a local high schools find it difficult to communicate in English. Translation support will be provided in such a situation.

7. What are the scholarships?

  • Scholarships are sponsored by Vin University. 1st-2nd-3rd are 50%-30%-20%  for College of Business & Management or College of Arts and Sciences.

  • Students will need to pass a compulsory interview to determine if they have all the qualities that VinUni is looking for: EXCEL attributes (Empathy-Excellence-Creativity-Entrepreneurship-Leadership). This will be determined by Deans of Colleges. Such interviews will be conducted prior to the pitch day to ensure any winners will be eligible for the scholarships.

  • Scholarships offered have an expiry date (within 1 year)

8. What are the cash prize? 

USD8,000 to be distributed among winning teams for 2 regions HCM & HN: 

  • 2 champion teams are awarded USD2,500/team

  • 2 1st Runner-up teams are awarded USD1,000/team

  • 2 2nd Runner-up teams are awarded USD500/team


9. Venues for bootcamps & pitch days

  • Hanoi: Vin University Entrepreneurship Lab, 1st floor, Building A, VinUniversity Campus, Vinhomes Ocean Park, Gia Lam, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

  • HCMC: Canadian International School, 07, Road 23, Phu My Hung, Tan Phu Ward, D.7, HCMC

10. What is the schedule for bootcamp & pitch day and who can join?

Bootcamp is open to selected teams only. 

Bootcamp schedule (Saturday): 9am - 6pm

Morning: 9am - 12pm (refreshment will be provided)

  • 9am - 9.30am: Intro: Overview of the day. Team Intro

  • 9.30am - 10.15am: Problem & Solution 

  • 10.15am - 10.30am: Break 

  • 10.30am - 11.15am: Go to market

  • 11.15am - 12pm: Business Model

Lunch break: 12pm - 1pm (food will be provided)

Afternoon: 1pm - 6pm (refreshment will be provided)

  • 1pm - 2pm: How to pitch 

  • 2pm - 4pm: Practice time (team to practice for pitch day with assigned mentor for feedback)

  • 4pm - 4.15pm: Break

  • 4.15pm - 5.45pm: Mock pitching (all teams, 10 mins each team)

  • 5.45pm - 6pm: Wrap up. Teams can continue practice if they wish

Pitch Day (Sunday): 9.30am - 12pm

  • 9.30am - 10am: Opening & Judges Introduction

  • 10am - 11.30am: Teams to pitch to judges

  • 11.30am - 11.45am: Break (Judges to regroup)

  • 11.45 - 12pm: Announcement & Photos  

Pitch day is open to school teachers, classmates, families and supporters to come to support the teams.

11. How can I best prepare for the competition?

  • All participants will need to complete the entrepreneurship learning materials provided in Little Wallet app one submitting to the competition. 

  • In-app entrepreneurship learning content:

    • ​Intro about entrepreneurship

    • How to start a new venture

    • How to pitch

    • Best pitch deck examples (Air BnB, Uber, Facebook, TikTok etc.) & sample pitch deck template (Y Combinator)

Still have questions? Drop us a line at 

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